Personal Information

Residence: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Club: RA Centre
Height: 5’10” (177.5cm)
Languages: English, French
Racket: Yonex
Highest National Rank: 1
Current BWF Ranking: 211 (Men’s Singles)
Current Canadian Rank: 1 (Men’s Singles)
 Tournament Tracker: 

Canadian Tournaments
International Tournaments

Badminton Information

Event: Men’s singles
Coaches: Mike Bitten, Doris Piché, John Czich, Andrew Dabeka and countless other people who continuously help Andrew develop as an athlete.
Started badminton at age: 11
Racket: Voltric 80
Sponsors: Yonex

Education / Experience

Education: Undergraduate 3rd year, Human Kinetics, University of Ottawa
Employment: 2012 – Internship at Peak Centre for Human Performance, Ottawa 2008 – 2012
Andrew worked during the summer months and during March Break as a Camp Counselor.
On Saturday mornings, he coaches at the RA Centre.
Volunteer Experience: In high school, Andrew assisted the school coach for the school badminton team.
At the RA Centre, Andrew has assisted in preparing for badminton tournaments and for cleaning up courts after these tournaments.

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